Welcome to FLC

FLC is a grass roots not-for-profit research centre in Vancouver, Canada. The centre has three mandates: to conduct research in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and seafood laws and regulations; to build capacity by educating law students, lawyers, and other stakeholders in the area of fisheries law; and to facilitate legal representation to underprivileged small-scale fishers and NGOs wherever possible.

At FLC, our aim is to protect the environment and consumers, and to support family fishermen and coastal communities. Although we are based in Canada, our outreach is global.

Fisheries and seafood law is a specialized area of the law and is interdisciplinary in nature. Although highly specialized, this area is also remarkably diverse, and includes such topics as:

  • Aboriginals’ right to fish
  • Access to justice in coastal communities
  • Animal Feed Regulations
  • Fisheries management schemes
  • Genetically engineered fish
  • Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing
  • Market structures
  • Seafood fraud
  • Seafood labelling requirements
  • Seafood safety
  • Sustainability certification schemes

Our vision is to ensure family fishermen’ access to justice, to protect our marine environment, to help coastal communities become more resilient, and to assist consumers in accessing safe and sustainable seafood.

The FLC family comprises highly passionate individuals committed to environmental, social, and economic justice. We invite you to contact us with any questions you might have, and we welcome collaborations with interested individuals and organizations.