About the Director

Adam Ark

Adam Soliman is the director and founder of The Fisheries Law Centre. He is a researcher focused on legal and economic issues in Fisheries & Seafood sectors.  He started his career in the agribusiness sector, working for a family operation and holds graduate degrees in Agricultural Economics (BSc & MSc), Law (JD), and Agriculture and Food Law (LLM).

Adam’s research interest is in fisheries laws and regulations as well as fisheries economics. In particular, he is interested in conducting analysis to issues in fisheries management with special focus on small-scale fisheries. Adam strongly believes that such interdisciplinary research is much needed especially in this area where research is scarce. Adam also enjoys writing for several news agencies.  Follow Adam on Twitter and LinkedIn. He can also be reached at adam@fishlaw.org

Selected Academic Publications 

  • Ecoterrorism and the Reinterpretation of Piracy: The Sea Shepherd Case, forthcoming 2014
  • Duty of Stewardship and Fisheries Governance: A Proposed Framework, forthcoming 2014
  • Fisheries Governance and How it Fits Within the Broader Arctic Governance, Seattle Law Review, forthcoming, Fourth Edition, 2014
  • Achieving Sustainability through Community Based Fisheries Management Schemes: Legal and Constitutional Analysis, Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, forthcoming 2014
  • Does private property rights promote sustainability? Examining Individual Transferable Quotas in Fisheries, Seattle Journal of Environmental Law, forthcoming in May 2014
  • China’s Anti-dumping Regime and its Compliance with Anti-dumping Principles: An Analysis Using Agricultural Dumping Case Studies, University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review, Spring 2014
  •  Using Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) To Achieve Social Policy Objectives: A Proposed Intervention, Marine Policy 45C (2014), pp. 76-81
  • Individual Transferable Quotas in World Fisheries: Addressing Legal and Rights-Based Issues, Ocean and Coastal Management Journal, Volume 87, January 2014, Pages 102–113
  • Property Rights and Individual Transferable Quotas in the U.S.: A Legal Overview, Newsletter on Climate Change, Sustainability Development, and Ecosystems, American Bar Association, April 2013
  •  Nanotechnology Regulation in Hong Kong: A Comparative Legal Study, publication forthcoming, City University of Hong Kong Law Review, vol 4(1), 2013
  • ITQs and Fisheries Management: Policy Risk in Canadian Sablefish, in 2012: New Rules of Trade?, International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium, 2012
  • Global Solutions for Biofuel Certification Schemes: A Comparative Analysis”, City University of Hong Kong Law Review, vol 2(3), 2012
  • Impacts of ITQs in Canadian Sablefish Fisheries: An Economic Analysis, M.Sc. Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2010


Book Chapters

  • Community Quota Entity Program in Alaska: Adapting ITQs To Support Small Scale Fisheries, in Governing the Governance, planned to be published within the MARE Series at Springer in 2015
  • Stewardship as a Legal Duty, in Enhancing the Stewardship, Too Big To Ignore Working Group 4, forthcoming 2015


Selected non-academic Articles

  • The Halal Meat Opportunity: Getting in and Staying in, forthcoming
  • Seafood Fraud: More Than Just Mislabeling, forthcoming
  • Hong Kong Offers a Growing Opportunity to Australia’s Food Producers, Hong Kong Business, July 2013
  • Genetically Engineered Salmon: Can Producers be Required to Label it?, IntraFish, April 2013
  • Why Canadian Agriculture Economics Programs Should Offer Agriculture and Food Law Courses, Newsletter, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, March 2013
  • Seafood Markets and Their Potential, Fish Info & Services, March 2013
  • Maintaining a Rich Seafood Market in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Business, March 2013
  • Can Social Media Enhance Food Safety?, Food Safety News, January 2013
  • Wet Markets in China: A Food Safety Perspective, Food Safety News, December 2012
  • Do Nanomaterials Pose Health Risks? What Science Has to Say, Food Safety News, November 2012
  • Halal: More Than A Niche, Food Safety News, October 2012
  • The Need For Stronger Nanotechnology Regulations, Food Safety News, October 2012 

Selected Lectures and Presentations

  • Community Based Fisheries Management Schemes in the U.S and Canada: Constitutional Challenges, International Conference on Small-scale Fisheries Governance, Hyderabad, India, December 2013
  • Private Property Rights in Fisheries; Does it Promote Sustainability, Earth Law Talk, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia, November 2013
  • Seafood Regulations: Challenges and Opportunities For Chinese & US Companies, Food and Drug Law Institute, Beijing, October 2013
  • Duty of Stewardship and Fisheries Governance: A Proposed Framework, Plenary Session, 5th National Fisheries Research and Development Institute Scientific Conference, Manila, October 2013
  • Seafood Fraud: Hong Kong as a Role Model for Safe Food, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, October 2013
  • Securing Small Scale Fisheries: Implications and Implementation of the FAO Guidelines, Panel Session, World Seafood Congress 2013, St. John, Canada
  • Environmental Stewardship Beyond Morality, Ethics, and Principles, Fisheries Seminar, Resource Management and Environmental Studies, University of British Columbia, September 2013
  • Nanomaterials Use in Food: The FDA’s Approach, Food and Drug Law Institute, Washington, DC, April 2013
  • Fisheries Management, ITQs & Policy Risk, presentation at the Department of Agriculture Economics, University of Arkansas, September 2012

Law Update

  • Fisheries Law Update (quarterly publication commenced June 2013)

Curriculum Design

  • Regulatory Differences and Similarities: An International Investigation, for the MSc. Regulator Affairs, Northeastern University, Boston
  • Seafood Safety Regulations, for the MSc. in Toxicology, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Canadian Agricultural and Food Law, intended for both law and non-law university students as well as continuing legal education courses


Teaching Experience (selected courses)

  • Seafood Regulations: Selling Fish in British Columbia, Continuing Legal Education
  • Seafood Regulations: Labeling, Advertisement, Packaging and Traceability Requirements in British Columbia, Continuing Legal Education
  • Introduction to Fisheries Law, Continuing Legal Education
  • Fisheries Management Regulations, Continuing Legal Education