Law School, Dalian Maritime University

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Dalian Maritime University (DMU) is the largest and the only key leading maritime institution under the Ministry of Communications, People’s Republic of China. The University enjoys a high reputation internationally as a center of maritime education and training, as confirmed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The origin and history of the University can be traced back to 1909 when a Shipping Management Section was founded by the Shanghai South Sea Institute. In 1960, DMU was confirmed as being one of the key universities of the land. The Asian-Pacific Region Maritime Training Center was established at DMU in 1983 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the IMO. A branch of the World Maritime University (WMU) was opened at DMU in 1985. The University’s name was changed to the present one in 1994 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. DMU consists of 12 colleges and 4 departments. The total number of fully registered students now reaches almost 13,000. Since the amalgamation in 1953, DMU has trained over 40,000 highly competent personnel, the majority of whom have become the backbone of the navigation sector. In addition, DMU has trained more than 2,000 overseas students and personnel from over 30 countries and regions.

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