Global Internship Experience in Fisheries Law (GIE)

The Global Internship Experience in Fisheries Law (formerly known as the Global Summer Internship Program, or GSIP) will help support small-scale fisheries and further the FAO SSF Guidelines by training and raising awareness among law students about the complex problems facing small-scale fisheries and their livelihood. This highly specialized area of law is not taught at a majority of law schools and, as a result, there is a clear gap around education and training. Due to its strong global network, the FLC has the unique ability to provide interested law students with the opportunity to engage in community-based learning with various universities and NGOs around the world. After receiving formal legal training, students are placed at NGOs, research institutions and other hosting institutions to collaborate on legal research needs identified by those local organizations. The program’s aim is to develop a group who understands the challenges faced by fishing communities around the world and are familiar with the applicable laws. To learn more, click here.

Questions can also be directed to FLC’s Internship Coordinator, Swarna Perinparajah, at