Seafood Traceability

Taking a global approach, research on the ‘traceability’ of fish and seafood throughout the stream of commerce will offer lessons learned and examples of success, with the goal of furthering the development of tracing abilities and technologies in various regions.  Research into seafood tracing logistics and the array of public-private tracing partnerships will aim to further developments in this area.  Further, analysis of the associated safety benefits, rapid developments in technology (e.g. the role of the internet), and growing consumer demand will illustrate the opportunities for governments and the industry. Research on traceability will also look at and compare regulations employed in various jurisdictions.


This research unit is led by Jean Terranova


Jean Terranova is an attorney in private practice in Massachusetts. She received a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School and obtained a professional chef’s degree from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Jean is the Director of Food and Health Policy at Community Servings, a Boston based non-profit that provides medically tailored meals to critically ill individuals, sourcing many of its ingredients from Massachusetts farms and fisheries. In addition Jean serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Federation of Farmers’ Markets. Jean is particularly interested in working with FLC to promote access to local fish in lower income communities, restore integrity in how fish is marketed and labeled, and protect the public health through fish feed regulations. Feel free to follow Jean on Twitter and LinkedIn. Contact Jean: Email


If you are interested in participating in our research or ongoing projects on Traceability, feel free to contact us. FLC welcomes collaboration with interested academics, practitioners, and law students.