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Between Sea Shepard v Cetacean[1] and the recent accusations by Russia that Greenpeace protestors are pirates, it appears to be in vogue to accuse environmentalist groups of piracy due to their activities on the sea. Combined with other measures to push environmental protests to the periphery of accepted society leads to an unfortunate precedent. This piece will go over the areas of the piracy test which countries are attempting to...

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Are environmentalists pirates?

Posted By on Mar 6, 2013

by Adam Soliman Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing has been an issue in fisheries management for years. Management on the national level is one issue, but management and enforcement on the high seas is another issue altogether. Whale hunting has been restricted to scientific research purposes only. Japanese organizations and individuals have been accused by conservationists of commercially fishing whales under a guise...

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